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Zee Melt:2018


NSCI, Mumbai
30 May – 31 May 2018


About the Event

ZEE MELT, India’s biggest festival for disruptive marketing and communications is back with content that will transform the way you perceive marketing, brands and consumers today. In its 4th edition, #ZEEMELT brings together some of the biggest names in marketing, media and digital innovation and creativity, over two days at NSCI, Mumbai.




Get insider perspectives on the truths of marketing and communication, not merely the facts or jargon.



Focus not on “storytelling” but story-doing. Keep your heads in reality and not in the clouds.



Experience the latest innovations in tech, data and marketing firsthand at the #ZEEMELT Expo.

What’s Happening

ZEE Mindspace

Hear ideas from the most valuable, insightful and inspired revenue generators, leaders, and brand marketers. Features Sir Martin Sorrell (Founder, WPP & Former CEO, WPP), Chuck Porter (CP+B), Fernando Machado (Burger King), Tom Fishburne (Zenith Media), and Prof. Anindya Ghose. [More info]

Workshops & Kyoorius Converge

Explore and engage with innovative services and products from a carefully curated mix India’s leading brands, media shops and agencies at Kyoorius Converge. We are also curating several hands-on workshops.


Ideas that connect marketing, communication and technology come together under one roof. From talks that unravel the best marketing practices, to understanding the behaviour of innovators, there’s a lot to learn! [More info]


What's the next big step for media? Is digital growing while other mediums are dying? How do you curate positive word of mouth online? What should you know about blockchain? We search for answers! [More info]


From CMOs and Head of Digital to Product Innovators, top-notch creatives, marketers and media professionals will be at ZEE MELT:2018. Speakers include advertisers, data experts, creative directors, leading marketers, head of designs to award-winning authors.

Sure you want to miss it?


  • Martin Sorrell

    Sir Martin Sorrell

    Founder, WPP & Former CEO, WPP

    Chuck Porter

    Chuck Porter

    Partner/Chairman, CP+B

    Tom Goodwin

    Tom Goodwin

    EVP, Head of Innovation, Zenith Media

  • Fernando Machado

    Fernando Machado

    ​Global Chief Marketing Officer, Burger King

    Tom Fishburne

    Tom Fishburne

    Founder, Marketoonist

    Dan Foreman

    Dan Foreman

    Director, Dalia, eYeka and more

  • Greg Satell

    Greg Satell

    Author: Mapping Innovation, Digital Tonto

    Mark Shayler

    Mark Shayler

    Director, Ape

    ​Anindya Ghose

    ​Anindya Ghose

    Heinz Riehl Chair Professor of Business and Director of Masters in Business

  • Nick Vinckier

    Nick Vinckier

    Chief Strategy Officer MENA, Duval Union Consulting

    Matthew Quint

    Matthew Quint

    Director, Center on Global Brand Leadership, Columbia Business School

    Patrick De Pauw

    Patrick De Pauw

    CEO, Social Seeder

  • Ana Milicevic

    Ana Milicevic

    Principal, Sparrow Digital Holdings

    Anuraag Trikha

    Anuraag Trikha

    Global Director, Integrated Marketing Communications, Heineken

    Rudratej Singh

    Rudratej Singh

    President, Royal Enfield

  • Rod Banner

    Rod Banner

    Agent Of Change, 3LA.com

    Yannick Khayati

    Yannick Khayati

    Founder - CEO, The Growth Company

    Babita Baruah

    Babita Baruah

    Managing Partner - India, WPP GTB

  • Erica NG

    Erica NG

    Senior Editor Insight, Asia Pacific, WGSN

    Puneet Dudeja

    Puneet Dudeja

    Sales Director - South Asia, WGSN

    Chris Stephenson

    Chris Stephenson

    Regional Head of Strategy and Planning, PHD APAC

  • Rajeev Raja

    Rajeev Raja

    Founder & Soundsmith, BrandMusiq

    Manish Kumar

    Manish Kumar

    Senior Product Manager, Akamai

    James Southern

    James Southern

    Managing Partner, Front Row Advisory

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